Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome to Fight HST - the grassroots organization that defeated British Columbia's Harmonize Sales Tax!

Bill Tieleman, Bill Vander Zalm & Chris Delaney of Fight HST
after referendum victory announced in August 2011
Welcome to Fight HST's new website - and welcome to our continuing efforts to extinguish the Harmonized Sales Tax in British Columbia as soon as possible!

Although BC voters overwhelmingly rejected the HST in this summer's binding mail ballot referendum by a 55% to 45% margin, the BC Liberal government is now saying the HST will remain in place until March 2013 - that's unacceptable!

Fight HST is the grassroots organization that launched BC's first ever successful Citizens Initiative petition campaign in April 2010 by collecting over 705,000 voter signatures in every one of BC's 85 ridings and then won the provincial binding referendum in the summer of 2011.

Please continue to check in here and to give your thoughts on how we can speed up the process of getting rid of the HST and removing the extra 7% tax on hundreds of goods and services as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately our previous Fight HST website was hacked after the referendum and is no longer operational - this blog website will be our new home for now.

You can also still find information and comment at the Facebook protest group page NO BC HST - which still has over 125,000 members!

Fight HST's team celebrates win!


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  1. "grassroots". Lol. You mean the bunch of wealthy businessmen pretending to "fight for the people", while really they were screwing the province... yeah, thats grassroots alright, grassroots enough to be manure.