Monday, October 1, 2012

New BC Lieutenant-Governor Judy Guichon was a big Harmonized Sales Tax booster

Let's hope that BC's new Lieutenant-Governor Judy Guichon leaves her past politics behind in her new role, because she was an unabashed booster of the Harmonized Sales Tax!

And Guichon is on Elections BC records as principal officer for her Merritt ranch, which has made donations to the BC Liberal Party.

"The HST is making the B.C. agricultural industry more competitive. If food security is a goal in this province, we must be able to compete," Guichon said at a news conference organized by the Smart Tax Alliance, the big business-funded group that promoted the HST.

And here's a letter from Guichon to the Kamloops Daily News during the HST referendum campaign: 

Letter to the Editor

I have been ranching in B.C. for 40 years and the HST has been one of the best things to happen to my family-run ranch.

With our HST savings, we have been able to secure the jobs of our four employees and two seasonal workers.

Without the HST, we would not have been able to upgrade our equipment and buy two new trucks. The HST makes my bookkeeping simpler and saves me time.

The HST has put us in a much stronger position to continue ranching and supporting jobs in B.C.'s Nicola Valley.



Editor's note: Judy Guichon is president of the B.C. Cattlemen's Association.